7000-8408 Dual Monitor Arm

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The 7000-8408 Dual Monitor Arm is distinguished by its 45 degree angled forearm designed for a monitor and a straight arm designed for a monitor or laptop tray.  Robust and adaptable, it offers an unparalleled range of movement and adjustability, with a low desktop foot-print to maximise space and utility. This dual monitor arm configuration with one mounting point, can suit many functions.

The 7000-8408 dual monitor arms are particularly suitable for activity based workplaces, due to its excellent range of movement and overall ergonomic versatility.  46% of professionals say that their workplace heavily impacts on their productivity. Increase your workplace productivity and profit with these well-designed ergonomic monitor arms.

From the worlds largest dedicated manufacturer of monitor arms, 7000-8408 monitor arms suspend your monitor above the work surface. The integrated gas cylinder allows you to move the monitor precisely to where you need it, and then shift is out of the way when not in use. Made of sturdy cast aluminium, 7000-8408 dual monitor arm rotates at three joints. The monitor can be tilted up to 200 degrees, and you can pivot the screen from landscape to portrait. Integrated cable management keeps your work surface free from cable clutter.

The 7000/7000 Dual Monitor mount extends outwards to 55 cm, and 46cm vertical range. When not in use, it can fold away to just 9cm of space.

The dual computer screen mount can be configured for desk edge, thru-desk, grommet hole or side bolt installation.

Who Buys This:

Youll find 7000 Dual Monitor Arms on the desks of major corporations, as well as in government departments and small businesses. The 7000 dual monitor mount is the quality solution for any office application. Robust and adaptable, it offers an unparalleled range of movement and adjustability, with a low desktop foot-print to maximise space and utility. This dual monitor arm configuration can suit many functions.

Why Buy This:

The 7000-8408 Dual Monitor Arm is great for major corporations, various different government departments, as well as in small businesses and industries, such as retail and hospitality. The 7000-8408 Dual Monitor Arm offers a variety of different uses- from being able to be pivoted from landscape to portrait; to providing an excellent range of movement and overall ergonomic versatility.

The Benefits of Monitor Arms in an Agile Workspace

The business world is transforming towards increasing agile workspaces. Agile workspaces are essentially the practice of using the workspace more efficiently: incorporating practices to allow more flexible and adaptable work. This leads to a more productive, efficient and collaborative workspace. An agile workspace is more than a place. It allows workers to be more productive and healthy, thereby positively influencing their work.

Monitor arms are a key factor in the agile workplace. Monitor arms allow for excellent ergonomic versatility. From increasing posture, reducing neck and eye strain, to being extremely flexible and precise; monitor arms are an essential aspect when creating and working in an agile workspace.

PDF Brochures

8408-Dual Mount Instructions


7000-7045-8408 Capabilities

7000 & 7045 Calibration

Agility through flexibility brochure


Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 590 ? 390 ? 370 mm
Gas Strut - Monitor Arm

500n (0.9-5.9kg), 600n (2.2-7.7kg), 800n (3.4-11.3kg), 1000n (5.4-14.1kg)

Self Assemby

Basic self assembly required


Aluminium, Steel


Black, White


10 years

Dimensions: 550W x 460D x (mm)

(CODE: 595E2966 )

Available Colours Black, White, Black, White
Depth 460
Material Metal - Aluminium
Type Monitor Arm
Width 550
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Retailer 595E4B

Retailer 595E4B